Our Concept



The idea for CASABLANCA1942 was conceived whilst sitting on a beach under the stars watching the magical film of Casablanca,
with the background sound of the Atlantic and thinking “what would Rick wear in this intense and sweltering city?”
Rick with his elegant coolness, never trying too hard….always memorable.

This concise and unique collection will become a summer wardrobe essential for any man out and about in the blazing heat,
whether on holiday or in town.

Made using one of the lightest materials, breathable natural raffia and finest sustainable leather from French and
Italian tanneries. The leather parts are hand painted with layers of dyes, giving them a depth of colour and patina usually
only achieved by the passing of the years.

Each pair takes at least a day to make so the shoes are made in limited editions. After all, the true luxury should be not about
the price but in the uniqueness of the product.

It is all about working together, collaborating with people of great expertise wherever they are, supporting the local skills,
promoting their uniqueness and teaching and learning from one another to bring new added value and understanding to our lives.